A Nativity makes a perfect wedding gift for loved ones.  Not only does it signify the beginning of Christianity, but it can also honor the start of a new life together;  a gift that becomes a tradition as the family grows.

The Sanctuary Grove Nativity is a custom designed wedding gift that features the unfinished sculptural figures of the Leonardo Collection by Rowi Woodcarvings of Val Gardena, Italy and are nestled in a tranquil grove of cypress trees perched atop a hill.  The angel perches above the manger as the ox rests below in a warm cave with Shepherds and Magi surrounding the Holy Family.  The setting was designed to represent the triangle as it signifies the Holy Trinity.  The custom glass enclosure protects the scene from curious pets and small hands and also houses the original oil painting night sky.  The completed piece was designed to be displayed on a spalted maple table.