Navidad Nativities is honored to be a featured contributor for the 7th year in the World Nativities Exposition at the Glencairn Museum in Brun Athyn, Pennsylvania.  This year’s piece is from A.J.’s personal collection and is positioned prominently as you enter the Exposition.  The Jerusalem Manger represents everyday life in the ancient city.  Villagers are strolling through the marketplace as the Son of God is born in the stable on the hill above the Inn.  The figures are the complete Comet Collection by master craftsmen at ULPE Wood Art studios located in the Italian Alps.  They are finely carved in alpine maple, and hand finished by skilled artisans with rich oil colors.  The unique setting created by Navidad Nativities, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is completely hand carved of wood and finely detailed with natural materials.  The Completed piece measures 44″wide x 22″ deep x 24″ tall and is on display until January 30th, 2022.   For more information on Glencairn Museum and the World Nativities Exposition, visit