All nativities are carefully packed and fully insured for shipping. All shipping costs for figures are included in your purchase, for domestic shipment within the continental U.S. Shipping costs for nativity settings are quoted based on size, weight, and final destination. Please Contact Us based on your shipping area.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Shipments?2022-06-05T10:32:46-04:00

Generally if your figures are in stock, we receive shipments within 10-15 days. We inspect your shipment and then forward to you via UPS GROUND, insured. ALL SHIPPING COSTS from Europe and for the continental U.S. are included in your order for figures, except for custom pieces. Note that shipping times during the holiday season naturally take longer. There are longer lead times with Original Heide as all figures are made to order.

Can I Track My Shipment?2022-06-05T10:32:18-04:00

Once we receive your shipment from Europe, inspect it and ship it to you, we will provide the UPS Tracking Number for you.

What Do I Do If My Shipment Is Damaged?2022-06-05T10:31:45-04:00

It is your responsibility to notify us within 10 days of delivery if anything is damaged. You must provide photographic documentation of the issue and keep all the packaging. Navidad Nativities is responsible for filing a claim with shipper.


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