Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions, please Contact Us and we would be happy to help

Do You Stock Nativity Figures?2022-06-05T10:34:02-04:00

No. We work with each studio to bring figures into the United States to satisfy each specific order.

Is There a Minimum Order? Do You Accept Returns?2022-10-12T21:37:22-04:00

The minimum order is $300 per European Manufacturer. Unfortunately, because all orders come directly from our partnered studios in Europe, we can not accept returns. Please choose your pieces carefully. If you have questions, or would like guidance, please Contact Us.

For payment we only accept all major credit cards.

How Do I Know If The Figures I Want Are Available?2022-06-05T10:33:14-04:00

When you place an order we immediately check to see if and when they are available from the studio and advise you. If for any reason shipping dates do not meet your expectations, we will completely refund your order immediately. There is absolutely no charge to you.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Shipments?2022-06-05T10:32:46-04:00

Generally if your figures are in stock, we receive shipments within 10-15 days. We inspect your shipment and then forward to you via UPS GROUND, insured. ALL SHIPPING COSTS from Europe and for the continental U.S. are included in your order for figures, except for custom pieces. Note that shipping times during the holiday season naturally take longer. There are longer lead times with Original Heide as all figures are made to order.

Can I Track My Shipment?2022-06-05T10:32:18-04:00

Once we receive your shipment from Europe, inspect it and ship it to you, we will provide the UPS Tracking Number for you.

What Do I Do If My Shipment Is Damaged?2022-06-05T10:31:45-04:00

It is your responsibility to notify us within 10 days of delivery if anything is damaged. You must provide photographic documentation of the issue and keep all the packaging. Navidad Nativities is responsible for filing a claim with shipper.

Do You Create Custom Nativity Figures?2022-06-05T10:29:12-04:00

We have worked with Original Heide to create many individual figures and beautiful groupings in many different sizes in the past and would be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

Do You Create Custom Nativity Scenes?2022-06-05T10:28:21-04:00

Yes. We have created custom scenes of all sizes, from small side table displays to church installations.

Can You Create a Scene Using My Figures?2022-06-05T10:27:54-04:00

Yes, we have often used customer’s figures that have been in their families for years, or perhaps figures they have found in their travels around the world.

Can You Create A Nativity For Special Occasions?2022-06-05T10:27:06-04:00

Yes. We have created nativities for weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a child and other special events and celebrations. A nativity makes a very special gift when you realize that you can gift a very simple piece then each year add additional figures to it.

How Should I Store My Nativity?2022-06-05T10:26:21-04:00

It’s important to carefully store your nativity. The shipping box can serve as a convenient way to store it when it is not on display. Never store the nativity in an attic, where temperatures can reach a hundred degrees in summer. It should not be stored in a damp location either. The best storage location is somewhere in your home where heat and air conditioning are available. Some of our customers store their nativities in large plastic bins. Whenever you store you nativity, it’s always a good idea to add some moth balls (not crystals) to discourage mice or other occupants.

Where Should I Display My Nativity?2022-06-05T10:25:07-04:00

Because nativities are created entirely of wood and natural materials, never display them near an open flame such as candles or a fireplace, or a direct heat source.  Because we have no control over display location or use of your nativity, we cannot assume any liability for the product however it is used. As there are many small, fascinating pieces in each nativity, it is always best to keep the nativity well out of the reach of small children where those pieces could cause a choking hazard.

How Do I Clean My Nativity?2022-06-05T10:24:24-04:00

Carefully…very carefully. A light feather duster is best. NEVER, EVER, with a vaccuum. Actually, a bit of dust on the nativity adds a bit of old world antique charm.

Are Taxes Included In My Order?2022-06-05T10:23:47-04:00

All applicable sales tax is applied at checkout.


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