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Ulpe Wood Art

The distinguished trademark ULPE guarantees some of the highest quality wood sculptures anywhere. As one of the leading art studios in woodcarving art, their exceptional work, carved in valuable mountain woods are completely hand painted. The artist, Ulrich Perathoner, came from a long line of wood sculpting families from the Val Gardena region, where this craft developed in the mid-17th century. In those days sculptors passed on their artistic experience to other sculptors who further developed the methods and techniques used today. Ulrich Perathoner is one of those sculptors and he has worked successfully as a master sculptor since 1972. He started his career at the School of Arts in Ortisei and then honed his artistic skills and knowledge at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy. His personal aspirations to hone his artistic skills helped him to establish an internationally leading wood sculpting studio. Since 2003 Ulrich Perathoner’s son Daniel Perathoner has been working in the business as well, carrying on the family tradition of excellence in the art. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, from which he graduated with outstanding artistic achievement as a student of the master class. 

Navidad Nativities is honored to offer three of the studio’s premier lines, each in three different sizes.  The traditional Original Ulrich figures, and the more contemporary figures of the Saviour and Comet designs.  Most of the figures from ULPE are available in open stock and available for immediate shipment, which we will confirm when your order is placed.  New pieces are generally introduced each year.   

All orders are shipped directly from their studios in Europe. Shipping costs from Europe and within the continental U.S are INCLUDED in our prices. Inventory: Open stock and generally available for immediate shipment. We will confirm availability with you. Once approved, orders cannot be cancelled. Minimum order: $300. Returns accepted only for damaged pieces.