Weddings are a celebration of new beginnings and thus inspires the gift of a Nativity.  The Sanctuary Grove Nativity features the ethereal figures of the Leonardo Nativity by Rowi Woodcarvings in Val Gardena Italy in the shadows of the Dolomite Mountains.  Their natural finish showcases the brilliant glow of the alpine maple of which they are carved.  Set atop a rock cropping carved completely out of wood and surrounded by a grove of hand-spun cypress trees, there is a calm serenity within this intimate and unique depiction of the first Christmas.  The Gloria Angel stands above the Christ Child while the ox keeps warm in a cave below the Holy Family.  The Shepherds and Kings gather on either side working their way up the hill.  Visually, these figures form a triangle with Christ at the center.  An original painting of a night’s sky provides the backdrop and the scene is encased in a custom glass display case made of maple.  And as a tribute to the couple this Nativity was gifted to, their 3 cats were also incorporated into this piece which is illuminated with adjustable LED lighting.