This Custom Nativity was commissioned in 2018 by Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City for their All Saints Chapel.  The scene is of a Judean Inn and Stable with soaring city walls flanking the Inn on either side.  The dilapidated wood beam and stone stable shows the harsh conditions where Jesus was born.  The Inn is made of wood and finished with an aged stucco façade.  The figures are from the Original Ulrich Collection by ULPE Wood Art in Val Gardena Italy and several of them were given a custom finish to represent the ethnic diversity of those whom Christianity has brought together, a special request of Trinity Church as they share their theology within the largest melting pot of cultures found in the United States.  Trinity Church’s history in Manhattan dates to the early days of this young nation and is the resting place of many prominent historical families including one of our Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton.  This Nativity is showcased in a custom acrylic case and can be viewed in the All Saints Chapel annually after the fourth Sunday of Advent. It is approximately 60 inches wide and includes adjustable LED lighting which adds to the drama of the presentation of the story of the birth of Christ.