The Marolin Manger

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This nativity is truly one of a kind.  It features alluring nativity figures from The Studio Marolin in Steinach in the section formerly known as East Germany.  The classic figures are created using a special paper mache mixture of kaolin, chalk, paper fibers, organic paste and clay.  Each figure is individually poured, in molds that were buried for over 40 years to protect them from destruction during the war and occupation.  Each figure takes up to three weeks to produce, and is finished, painted and antiqued by master artists.

The spectacular setting includes a hand made, solid wood architectural Half Dome from Authentic Models that we have adapted to allow the graceful arches of classic architecture to embrace the Holy Family.  As Christ was born for the world, representations of the birth have always been presented in many different settings.  The manger is backed by a solid wood panel that we have hand painted with a glowing renaissance dusk sky in soft tones of peach, cream and blues. Hand spun hemp trees and intricate copper wire grapevines enhance the iconic setting.  This piece is not internally lit but can easily be surrounded by tiny fairy or rice lights and fresh greens.  The overall size is approximately 20” high by 21” wide by 11” deep.

As with all Navidad nativities, a piece of rock from the hills of Umbria outside of Assisi is included in the setting as a tribute to St. Francis who created the first nativity in 1223.

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