The Judean Inn & Stable

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When there was no room at the Inn next door, Mary and Joseph settled for the cozy stable attached to the Inn. This all wood, one of a kind, beautiful nativity incorporates both the inn and the stable, as well as two movable wall sections of the town of Bethlehem behind the inn.  The three pieces are nestled on solid cherry bases.  Both the inn and the stable are lit internally with adjustable LED lights.  The back walls are also bathed in a soft blue glow.  This piece would be stunning on a dining room sideboard, corporate offices or in a chapel/church setting.

The figures with elegant soft colors are from the Saviour Collection of carved linden and maple wood from our friends at Ulrich Perathoner in the Italian Alps near Val Gardena.

Pricing is for the lighted nativity with two separate backdrop walls and 27 carved wood figures and animals.  Call us for pricing if you would like to select a limited number of figures instead of the entire setting.  Click photo to enlarge.  Overall size is 40″wide x 22″ deep x 32″ high.  Because you are able to move the back walls, the width could be expanded for a larger presentation, like a church or chapel.  The Joseph figure is approximately 5″ high.   

This design is perfect for a larger space like a dining room sideboard, a chapel or small altar in a church or in a grand living room.