Earlier this year, we began a relationship with a new European carving studio.  As with many of the Nativity makers in Europe, they are most common in the central region surrounding the Alps (Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria), with pockets in Spain and France.  But finding makers in places like Scandinavia is a rarity.  We had known of the Norwegian Studio of Henning for a few years and had only seen their work in person just once, but there was a draw to these figures that was different than sculptures we are used to.

The soft textures, soothing coloration and endearing faces had us very intrigued.  We made contact with Bjarne Espedal of Henning and brought in our first pieces.  When we received that first order, we were instantly inspired to embark on a design unlike anything we had ever attempted before.

Norway, a country who has dominated Olympic Winter Sport since 1924, is known for its blanketed winter landscape and the magical serenity of the Northern Lights. So, this design, the “Nordic Julekrybbe” (yule-crib) or “Christmas Nativity” transports us to celebrate the Birth of Christ inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and the enchantment of a Nordic Winter’s night.  Nestled in a forest of frosty Norway Spruce trees, among the shimmering drifted snow, the Christ Child is the light in the darkness.

The Stable is from the Henning Studio and we have incorporated it into the snowy landscape carved completely out of wood, surrounded with diamond dusted, laser-cut Norway Spruce trees and used warm white lights in the scene with blue lights creating a shadowy forest.

The Nordic Julekrybbe is on display at the World Nativities Exposition at Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn, PA through January 28, 2024 and available for pre-order for 2024 delivery.  Please see link for ordering details. https://navidadnativities.com/product/nordic-julekrybbe/