Due to delays in all types of international shipping worldwide due to Covid and labor shortages, including our shipments from studios in Europe, we encourage you to place orders for any nativity figures at your earliest convenience.
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Belenes Puig

Belenes Puig is headquartered in one of the most artistic locations in Spain, at Barcelona.  These figures are meticulously created using a highly refined terra-cotta.  The clay is hand pressed into individual  molds and when slightly hardened, assembled into nativity figures and animals.  Figures are then dried in the sun, followed by a firing in a kiln.   Next, fabrics are added to the figures, which are then hand painted by artisans in rich colors.  These figures have a refined old world charm and create a unique nativity setting.

All orders are shipped directly from their studios in Europe. Shipping costs from Europe and within the continental U.S are INCLUDED in our prices. Inventory: Open stock varies seasonally. We will confirm availability with you. Once approved, orders cannot be cancelled. Minimum order: $300. Returns accepted only for damaged pieces.