No Room At The Inn

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The story begins with No Room At The Inn, with Mary and Joseph seeking shelter for the night.  Mary seated on the donkey, led slowly by Joseph through the winding back streets of Bethlehem. Off to one side, Herod’s Castle.  On the other side, the glowing ancient buildings of the city, with the stairway of the Inn.  Above Joseph, the Innkeeper telling them….”there is no room” and directs them to a stable nearby. Torches flicker in the chilly night, a cock crows in the foreground, a symbol of things to come later in the life of Christ.

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Each of these unique works of art are brimming with amazing detail and artistic elegance that begins with drawings and renderings that then become entrancing structures and art forms through state of the art three dimensional printing.  Each piece is lovingly painted by skilled artisans and individually hand-assembled with dramatic lighting.  Lighting options include a choice of a battery operated, motion activated lights on with a 30 second display, or a dedicated plug-in constant light with on/off switch.

Each limited edition volume of the Nook Book comes in a stunning fabric covered, wooden Presentation Case with embossed details, along with protective plexiglas shield for storage, and a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Each book includes the magnetic side panel as shown in the photographs with a brief story about the scene portrayed inside the book.

Available in 2 Power Options

-9 Volt Battery Option with Motion Detector

-Plug In Option/Constant On

Each Nook Book is lovingly crafted by hand.  Production times vary based on demand but generally we ship within 3-4 weeks.