• The shepherds tending their flocks in the hillsides around Bethlehem could easily have been the
    setting for the birth of the Saviour.
    The figures include the Holy Family and angel, an ox and ass,  a shepherdess with a child, a shepherd
    kneeling with a sheep, a shepherd with his dog, three additional sheep and two lambs.
  • The St. Francis Nativity was created in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, who, according to St. Bonaventure, created the very first nativity in a cavern near the village of Grecio in Umbria, Italy in 1223, after receiving permission to do so from Pope Honorious III.
  • This listing is for expansion set figures to pair with the St. Francis Nativity.  Setting and primary figures are sold separately.


    We offer here the expanded figure collection which includes villagers, animal attendants and animals.

  • This completely organic nativity scene is created with all natural materials. The sublimely carved sculptural figures from the Leonardo Collection are crafted from alpine maple created by the Rowi Studios in Val Gardena in the soaring Italian Alps. These figures are available in a natural finish or in an elegant stained version and in several different sizes.  Figures in this setting are approximately 7” tall.  They are nestled in a setting of Buckingham river rocks, with a windswept natural manzanita branch, dried broom, preserved deer moss, and other natural materials.  The glowing circular backdrop is 2” thick and derived from a live edge slab of Ambrosia Maple which has been treated with six coatings of antique oil to bring out the rich details.   The entire piece is lit with two adjustable warm white LED lights.

    The overall size of this nativity is approximately 16”h x 20”w x 14”d

    This nativity is designed to be a ‘family nativity’ where each family member can add ‘found’ natural elements from nature like rocks, shells, pine cones, driftwood, etc.  While the central natural elements are permanently affixed, the other natural pieces can be rearranged to allow for individual artistic expression, making it a truly unique family nativity.  Additional figures can be added each year as space permits.  It’s the perfect nativity for a mantle, dining room sideboard or shelf and can be created in many different sizes by Navidad using these figures from Rowi or any of our other distinctive nativity figures from Europe.  Naturally, the back pieces will vary based on the availability of the wood we select for any design.

    The figures included are a natural finish light maple.  Oil colored figures are available for an additional charge.  Lead times may apply. Also pictured with loose rock and pedestal (not included).  Additional rocks available at your local garden center.
  • Occasionally we will sell nativity prototype designs and studies that we create. This sweet all wood nativity includes carved stone walls and beams in a simple setting on rocks. The porcelain nativity figures were limited editions created by Roman, Inc., and are no longer available. The Joseph figure is approximately 4.5” tall. The overall size of the nativity is 14” w x 11” d x 15” h. It makes a great gift for a new baby, wedding, anniversary or Christmas. This nativity does not have any internal lighting.
  • CURRENTLY ON EXHIBIT AND FOR SALE AT THE SACRED ART GALLERY IN SCOTTSDALE AZ. The Cloche Creche is an intimate presentation of the nativity in a sparkling glass dome.  The focus is primarily on the Holy Family, with two lambs and two sheep (one tucked in the grotto at the back) and cherubs floating above.  This piece is crafted almost entirely of wood, and can be viewed from all sides.  The Original Ulrich figures are hand painted wood, from the sculpture studios of Ulrich Perathoner in Val Gardena, in the Italian Alps.  The Joseph figure is approximately 4.75” high.  The overall cloche is nestled on a 9” round wood base, and is about 17.5” high (without the rotating turntable).  The setting includes a hand crafted silk palm tree and Corinthian column, as well as an intricate hand made copper wire tree.  Included in the presentation is permanent balsam wreath that measures 19” across.  Also included is a jeweler’s turntable so that the nativity can be displayed in either one position or rotating for an unusual 360 degree presentation.  The glass dome makes displaying and storing very easy.

    As with all Navidad nativities, a piece of rock from the hills of Umbria outside of Assisi is included in the setting as a tribute to St. Francis who created the first nativity in 1223.

    To purchase, click this link.
  • On display for the 2020 Christmas Season at Bucks Country Gardens, Doylestown. PA.   This truly unique freestanding nativity is encased in a sparkling glass conservatory. The stand is a copper colored, antiqued metal construction with burled maple shelf and inset panels. The nativity features the Holy Family, two sheep, two lambs, a ram, an ox, donkey and the angel hovering over the setting. LED lights add a soft glow to the entire presentation. Figures are from the Saviour Collection and the sculpture studios of Ulrich Perathoner in Val Gardena, northern Italy. The Joseph figure is approximately 6” tall. Overall size of the nativity is 14” w x 14” d x 50” h. The creche can be displayed with or without the glass enclosure. It includes the crackled copper vase and silks. This Nativity is over-sized and comes in multiple pieces.  Therefore, shipping is not included.  Call to discuss delivery options.
  • This nativity is truly one of a kind.  It features alluring nativity figures from The Studio Marolin in Steinach in the section formerly known as East Germany.  The classic figures are created using a special paper mache mixture of kaolin, chalk, paper fibers, organic paste and clay.  Each figure is individually poured, in molds that were buried for over 40 years to protect them from destruction during the war and occupation.  Each figure takes up to three weeks to produce, and is finished, painted and antiqued by master artists.

    The spectacular setting includes a hand made, solid wood architectural Half Dome from Authentic Models that we have adapted to allow the graceful arches of classic architecture to embrace the Holy Family.  As Christ was born for the world, representations of the birth have always been presented in many different settings.  The manger is backed by a solid wood panel that we have hand painted with a glowing renaissance dusk sky in soft tones of peach, cream and blues. Hand spun hemp trees and intricate copper wire grapevines enhance the iconic setting.  This piece is not internally lit but can easily be surrounded by tiny fairy or rice lights and fresh greens.  The overall size is approximately 20” high by 21” wide by 11” deep.

    As with all Navidad nativities, a piece of rock from the hills of Umbria outside of Assisi is included in the setting as a tribute to St. Francis who created the first nativity in 1223.

  • Stunning. Remarkable.  Distinctive.  Classic. The word duomo derives from the Latin word domus, meaning "house", as a cathedral is the "house of God", or domus Dei.  This one of a kind all wood nativity ‘houses’ the Holy Family in an intimate, glowing setting, under a soaring dome and nestled in a grove of hand made palm trees.  We have adapted this all wood piece from Architectural Models to represent the influence of the church and expressions of faith during the Christmas season. Intricate Architectural Models are created in cherry and birch wood, beautifully finished in subtle shades of light and dark honey and incorporate sinuous curves and arches.  All pieces are resplendent with a distressed French finish.

    Note the angelic cherubs circling the very top of the cupola.  And peer into the dome to see the amazing detail inside.

    The superb renaissance style wooden figures are carved from alpine maple and hand painted at the sculpture studios of Ulrich Perathoner, established in 1972 and founded on a legacy of centuries of exceptional craftsmanship in the woodcarving industry. The Original Ulrich figures bring an elegance to the scene with touches of gold and silver.

    The standing Joseph figure is approximately 4.75” tall.  And the nativity setting, on a gold painted octagonal base with a 15” diameter measures 26” high.  The entire scene is enhanced with 4 adjustable LED micro lights. As with all Navidad nativities, a piece of rock from the hills of Umbria outside of Assisi is included in the setting as a tribute to St. Francis who created the first nativity in 1223.


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