• This listing is for expansion set figures to pair with the St. Francis Nativity.  Setting and primary figures are sold separately.

    We offer here the expanded figure collection which includes villagers, animal attendants and animals.

  • The St. Francis Nativity was created in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, who, according to St. Bonaventure, created the very first nativity in a cavern near the village of Grecio in Umbria, Italy in 1223, after receiving permission to do so from Pope Honorious III.

  • The shepherds tending their flocks in the hillsides around Bethlehem could easily have been the
    setting for the birth of the Saviour.
    The figures include the Holy Family and angel, an ox and ass,  a shepherdess with a child, a shepherd
    kneeling with a sheep, a shepherd with his dog, three additional sheep and two lambs.
  • In a region known for its wood carving, Nordic wooden Nativity Scenes are a rarity.  The figures and stable in this Julekrybbe, inspired by medieval sculpture, were crafted by Henning, a Norwegian woodcarving studio established in 1947 by Henning Engelsen.  The design and color choices reflect the local traditions.  Now under the management of Henning’s Daughters, Christl and Angelina, and son-in-law Bjarne Espedal, the workshop continues to carve and paint the figures by hand.   The original Navidad Nativities setting was inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and the enchantment of a Nordic winter’s night. Nestled in a forest of frosty Norway spruce trees, among the shimmering drifted snow, this Nativity is a calm serenity among the bustle of the season.
  • Holy Family Group 6

    Starting at $396.00
  • Occasionally we will sell nativity prototype designs and studies that we create. This sweet all wood nativity includes carved stone walls and beams in a simple setting on rocks. The porcelain nativity figures were limited editions created by Roman, Inc., and are no longer available. The Joseph figure is approximately 4.5” tall. The overall size of the nativity is 14” w x 11” d x 15” h. It makes a great gift for a new baby, wedding, anniversary or Christmas. This nativity does not have any internal lighting.


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