Custom Figures From Original Heide


The company Heide was founded in 1970 by Heinrich Demetz and has specialized in the production of some of the most distinctive Nativity in the world.

The Heide creations are more than mere crib figures. For the family Demetz they are an expression of many years of experience in sculpture, painting and tailoring, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Every single piece of art stands for noble design and precise, high-quality execution.

Navidad Nativities is extremely proud to represent this family of artisans here in the United States with their extensive offerings of many distinctive and unique figures.  We are also pleased to note that they provide us with exceptional custom designs for our clients as you can see from the photos presented here.

In the case of the litter carriers, we provided basic information on the client’s request and Heide designers did the rest.  The level of  execution is simply stunning.  Note the detail as well on the attendants, outfitted in authentic period costumes with amazing attention to detail.

Another client with a love of horses requested a Roman centurion on a white stallion for inclusion in her nativity setting.  The power of that steed is reflected in the gesture of both that horse and the Roman soldier.

Coordinating the creation of custom carvings or figures with our studios in Europe is one of the real joys of what we do at Navidad, in addition to creating custom nativity settings for our clients.

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